Consolidate and Upgrade

Consolidate and Upgrade

Many organisations are operating a print fleet which unknowingly drains not only on cost but maintenance resource too. Running too many devices at one time, particularly if they are older than 5 years, usually results in extended and unnecessary time correcting paper jams or fixing machine failures. This also impacts on the volume of print supplies purchased as older devices generally consume ink and toner far quicker.

When redeploying an existing fleet is not possible or budgets are limited, we take the time to review and understand it. Where possible, we will make recommendations for consolidating or upgrading current devices to ensure a reduced total cost of ownership and a suitable solution for any future infrastructure upgrade plans.

Have you considered…

streamlining a currently disparate fleet with
single manufacturers deployment?

your current infrastructure? Can your network
manage a print upgrade and how do you
prepare it?

introducing devices which are compatible
with higher yield cartridges to help reduce the
overall total cost of ownership?

trade-up options on legacy machines to help
drive residual value back into the fleet?