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Is print the ticking security time bomb?

Last year’s high profile data breaches at the likes of Talk Talk and Vodafone show just how important it is for organisations of all sizes to protect data. At the same time multi-function printers (MFPs) have become valuable assets in the workplace environment. But are they a security risk? Could the next headline-making data breach happen because of a poorly protected MFP? The answer is yes, which means IT departments must take steps to improve print security around MFPs.

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Lexmark design with the Environment in mind

Lexmark strives to be an environmentally responsible provider of products and services. They continue to develop products, features and solutions that offer our customers opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of their printing and imaging activities.

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Print Differently with Lexmark

Protecting the environment is certainly a shared responsibility. Research indicates that organisations spend anywhere from 1 to 6 percent of their annual revenues on office copying and printing. Even if your organisation falls at the low end of the range, that’s a lot of paper and most likely a whole lot of waste. The average worker prints 13,000 pages per year, with one in seven pages never being used. Now more than ever, companies need to educate employees on ways to save at the multifunction printer.

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Lexmark smart MFP ecosystem

Bridge the gap between paper and digital information, with devices and connections that will drive your business forward. In an ecosystem, things work in sync to ensure efficient processes. In the business environment, people, technology and information also form an ecosystem, where information exists in both structured and unstructured forms.

The centre of this ecosystem is the smart MFP, the connection point between digital and printed information.The Lexmark smart MFP ecosystem brings together the hardware, software, tools and services to help drive your business forward.

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Lexmark offer intelligently-adapted solutions for sustainability

The combination of hardware, software and services that are intelligently adapted to meet customers’ unique needs has been developed using the principles of sustainability. With a commitment to reduce the consumption of natural resources worldwide, Lexmark track greenhouse gas emissions as well as usage of natural gas, fuel oil, diesel, gasoline and electricity.

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Is inadequate technology putting teaching at risk?

Today’s young people are more tech savvy than ever before. This means it’s really important that school technology matches their ever-growing expectations. However, after speaking to 100 UK schools about the current state of their technology, we know that this isn’t always the case. 80% of teachers admitted that they need better access to IT to improve learning, with three-quarters recognising that IT better engages pupils with the learning experience.

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Does the Educational sector get top marks for its use of printer applications?

  • A recent survey by iGov for Lexmark shows that very few schools, colleges or universities are maximising the potential of print devices.
  • Over 60% of schools use or plan to use tablets in the future, but less than 3% have any kind of mobile print functionality currently in place.
  • Lexmark has more than 30 easy to implement applications that can be added to any Lexmark touch screen device to help teaching staff save time and capitalise on print infrastructure.
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Lexmark receives EcoVadis Gold CSR rating

For the second year in a row, Lexmark has received gold certification from EcoVadis, a collaborative platform that enables companies to monitor the corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance of their suppliers.

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More time for teaching, less time on administration

In conjunction with iGov Survey, Lexmark recently conducted a survey into the use of Print & IT Applications within Education to identify how schools, colleges and universities were using their print infrastructure and whether they were taking advantage of any productivity boosting applications to save time and money.

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